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    Labour of Shenzhen China north accuses limited company to join union of Shenzhen

    On March 5, 2008, labour of Shenzhen China north accuses limited company to join union of Shenzhen industry economy formally, this is afterwards China north labour accused to be judged to be Shenzhen city to open a gender to consider to dev...

    /Enterprise-Products/200812/25-276.html 類別: Enterprise Products 點擊: 44 日期: 2008-12-24
    Editor of Port company XDD allows an user to generate POWERLINK equipment to des

    Sign up for according to Berlin -- facilities of every power in automation network needs equipment to describe a file. To the POWERLINK equipment of before a few generation, although the EDS file that is based on CANopen can have sati...

    /Enterprise-Products/200812/25-275.html 類別: Enterprise Products 點擊: 40 日期: 2008-12-24
    Electric construction is common problem

    One, violate compulsive standard and normative aspect1. power source enters a place to should be done always equipotential coupling. Disobey: \\\\" low-pressure distribution designs a standard \\\\" GB50054 - 95 the 4.4.4th. Processing: Fill a sket...

    /Technical-know-how/200812/25-250.html 類別: Technical know-how 點擊: 50 日期: 2008-12-24
    Notebook computer maintains knowledge

    In computer maintenance, what the basis maintains a target is different, can divide 3 level that are as follows: One class is maintained, also call board class maintenance. Its maintain equipment of pair of the some in seeming computer or s...

    /Technical-know-how/200812/25-244.html 類別: Technical know-how 點擊: 47 日期: 2008-12-24
    The sort of high-pressured switch ark reachs common breakdown

    High-pressured switch ark is the very important electric equipment in power system. Aggravation of switch cabinet moving position is one of causes that cause power system occurrence trouble. On January 1, 2002, 60508 switch produce ark of s...

    /Solutions/200812/25-231.html 類別: Solutions 點擊: 49 日期: 2008-12-24
    Computer system upgrades bring about the breakdown means of settlement that cann

    Breakdown phenomenon: Have WindowsXPSP1 operating system online upgrade, the state that appears to close key disables and cannot enter a system normally switchs on the mobile phone after hitting a patch. Enter safe mode then, in passing Con...

    /Solutions/200812/25-220.html 類別: Solutions 點擊: 42 日期: 2008-12-24
    Everybody is moved start work will come loose for jotter hot

    Everybody knows, the calorific component in general notebook computer is mixed besides CPU, hard disk outside memory bar, still have indication screen tube, but the biggest heat source remains CPU. CPU come loose heat basically uses alumini...

    /Solutions/200812/25-219.html 類別: Solutions 點擊: 45 日期: 2008-12-24
    Ark of net of annulus of SF6 complete insulation and bear switch - fuse

    Summary: Ark of switch of SF6 complete insulation has whole sealing, maintenance-free, measure small, function the characteristic of exceedingly good, on the safe side, get the welcome of the user. Annulus net ark develops by unit of first...

    /Solutions/200812/25-218.html 類別: Solutions 點擊: 48 日期: 2008-12-24
    The safe technology that Beijialaiji becomes passes T

    The product has passed TÜV attestation related Bei Jialai safety, can use in applying for what direct with safety. Besides satisfying satisfaction safe level, technology of Bei Jialai security is in those who build existing autom...

    /Industrial-News/200812/25-186.html 類別: Industrial News 點擊: 39 日期: 2008-12-24
    Income of 2008 Olympic Games sale exceed 1.7 billion dollar

    On August 11, partner of whole world of international Olympic committee is general and electric (GE) the company announces, the sale of projects of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games already exceeded fixed target, obtain Beijing and periphery in...

    /Industrial-News/200812/25-182.html 類別: Industrial News 點擊: 49 日期: 2008-12-24
    China north labour controls industrial flat computer, serve global user

    Flat computer leaves the delegate of PC of generation shift business affairs namely. Look from product of flat computer concept, flat computer is a beardless renovate, not clavier, small put lady vanity to enough, but however the PC with co...

    /Industrial-News/200812/25-177.html 類別: Industrial News 點擊: 45 日期: 2008-12-24
    啟動全國巡展,歐姆龍自動化即將推動制造業升級——FY08 歐姆龍綜合解決方案-Compact


    /gongkongxinwen/200810/24-18.html 類別: 工控新聞 點擊: 1 日期: 2008-10-24
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