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    Pneumatics machine frequency conversion is energy-saving

    Pneumatics machine general situationPneumatics machine, full name is air compressor, it is the most commonly used air motive force in a kind of industrial and mining enterprises supplies equipment. Normally, pneumatics aircraft component is...

    /Energy-saving-technology/200812/25-283.html 類別: Energy-saving technology 點擊: 37 日期: 2008-12-24
    Staircase frequency conversion is energy-saving

    Frequency conversion of staircase of company of the raise that achieve a name is energy-saving transform programForewordBuild the swift and violent development of the industry as urban real estate, the installation utilization rate of eleva...

    /Energy-saving-technology/200812/25-282.html 類別: Energy-saving technology 點擊: 36 日期: 2008-12-24
    Full automatic rubber overshoes of disc type model kind those who shoot a formin

    One, full automatic disc type is plastic kind of job principle that shoots a forming machineOf shoemaking enterprise full automatic disc type is plastic kind shoot a forming machine, it is a main kind of common device using phone in shoemak...

    /Energy-saving-technology/200812/25-281.html 類別: Energy-saving technology 點擊: 34 日期: 2008-12-24
    Water pump of central air conditioning is energy-saving

    One, central air conditioning runs control method to analyseDesign of system of central air conditioning is a basis above all cold bear of parameter of the atmosphere outdoor and computation of parameter of design of indoor air conditioning...

    /Energy-saving-technology/200812/25-279.html 類別: Energy-saving technology 點擊: 43 日期: 2008-12-24
    Labour of Shenzhen China north accuses limited company to join union of Shenzhen

    On March 5, 2008, labour of Shenzhen China north accuses limited company to join union of Shenzhen industry economy formally, this is afterwards China north labour accused to be judged to be Shenzhen city to open a gender to consider to dev...

    /Enterprise-Products/200812/25-276.html 類別: Enterprise Products 點擊: 44 日期: 2008-12-24
    Editor of Port company XDD allows an user to generate POWERLINK equipment to des

    Sign up for according to Berlin -- facilities of every power in automation network needs equipment to describe a file. To the POWERLINK equipment of before a few generation, although the EDS file that is based on CANopen can have sati...

    /Enterprise-Products/200812/25-275.html 類別: Enterprise Products 點擊: 40 日期: 2008-12-24
    The induction is automatic the door

    Zhongshan city heart fills intelligence engineering company, major pursues automatic door, system the brake of brake of passageway of project of compositive, one cartoon, intelligence, parking lot passageway, design that how prevents pr...

    /Enterprise-Products/200812/25-274.html 類別: Enterprise Products 點擊: 39 日期: 2008-12-24
    Far east cable opens year of study busy

    The “ that just holds in Beijing before New Year is judged to be “2007 year study enterprise on ” of forum of success of century of the 8th study China”Far east accuses a group, year begin study actively to charg...

    /Enterprise-Products/200812/25-272.html 類別: Enterprise Products 點擊: 46 日期: 2008-12-24
    Italian handkerchief pulls Zun Li - the manufacturer of electrical engineering p

    Palazunli (Palazzoli) is electric it is the whole world that comes from Italy famous and electric receive manufacturer of plug-in unit product. The company held water at Brescia of upper industry city 1904, those who pass 100 years is arduo...

    /Enterprise-Products/200812/25-271.html 類別: Enterprise Products 點擊: 45 日期: 2008-12-24
    Du Naping is attended \\\" trade of classics of Chinese ━ India, investment and co

    A few days ago, trade of classics of India of “ China ━ , investment and cooperative peak are met ” is held in Beijing. Far east accuses Du Naping of general manager of limited company of cable of new far east of a group...

    /Enterprise-Products/200812/25-268.html 類別: Enterprise Products 點擊: 46 日期: 2008-12-24
    The product certification such as professional CE, SONCAP, RoHS, SASO, FCC, CB,

    Limited company of science and technology of annulus of eaves of Shenzhen city Xin (English abbreviation \\\"AGC\\\" ) basically be engaged in product of small home appliance, lamps and lanterns, toy, mechanical, wireless communication, accumulat...

    /Enterprise-Products/200812/25-267.html 類別: Enterprise Products 點擊: 1080 日期: 2008-12-24
    Far east cable makes green produce a business

    Build resource managing model the enterprise is far east cable advance enterprise harmony to develop, those who assume social responsibility one important cut a point. In recent years, far east cable from change idea, establish a mechan...

    /Enterprise-Products/200812/25-266.html 類別: Enterprise Products 點擊: 44 日期: 2008-12-24
    Far east, let business news rise in value

    In the time of this brand get the upper hand of, the brand already became the key of company core competition ability to make element, no matter be big company,still be small company accordingly, one of ultimate goals that portray str...

    /Enterprise-Products/200812/25-265.html 類別: Enterprise Products 點擊: 48 日期: 2008-12-24
    World famous Electromechanical, labour accuses to wait for a product

    Shanghai is exhibited carry division trade limited company is the company that famous Electromechanical of world of distribute of a professional representative, labour controls to wait for a product. The partial product that is my departm...

    /Enterprise-Products/200812/25-264.html 類別: Enterprise Products 點擊: 44 日期: 2008-12-24
    Jiang Xipei is hired especially save vice-chairman of Xu Beihong seminar for Jia

    On January 8, shao Xiaofeng comes to secretary-general of seminar of grand of Bei of Hong Wei of vice director of research center of painting and calligraphy of couplet of article of province of Fan Baowen of chairman of seminar of gr...

    /Enterprise-Products/200812/25-259.html 類別: Enterprise Products 點擊: 41 日期: 2008-12-24
    Freezer is fast defrost

    The norms that presses freezer freezer compartment cuts an avirulent plastic film, use refrigerant and indoor vapor, stick on the wall of freezer compartment, can put food as usual to use next. When defrost, after taking out provision, the...

    /Technical-know-how/200812/25-255.html 類別: Technical know-how 點擊: 159 日期: 2008-12-24
    Knowledge of frequency conversion technology

    1, what is transducer? Transducer is the knows action to will be versed in commutation of frequency power source is another frequency electric energy control equipment that uses electric power semiconductor device. 2, what is the differenti...

    /Technical-know-how/200812/25-254.html 類別: Technical know-how 點擊: 45 日期: 2008-12-24
    Electric construction is common problem

    One, violate compulsive standard and normative aspect1. power source enters a place to should be done always equipotential coupling. Disobey: \\\" low-pressure distribution designs a standard \\\" GB50054 - 95 the 4.4.4th. Processing: Fill a sket...

    /Technical-know-how/200812/25-250.html 類別: Technical know-how 點擊: 50 日期: 2008-12-24
    TV of long rainbow 2165P is maintained

    Breakdown phenomenon: Image has toothed wave interference, still have creak soundAnalysis: Resembling such phenomenon is to have high frequency interference or filter wave commonly undesirable. Eliminate: Switch on the mobile phone to exist...

    /Technical-know-how/200812/25-248.html 類別: Technical know-how 點擊: 168 日期: 2008-12-24
    Store directive of water level of water heater of water form report

    Indicator of commonly used water level has indicator of float ball cursor and conduit to connect indicator two kinds. Indicator of float ball cursor, the one end that uses string of a nylon hitchs float ball, put float ball into water, draw...

    /Technical-know-how/200812/25-246.html 類別: Technical know-how 點擊: 173 日期: 2008-12-24
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