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    Italian handkerchief pulls Zun Li - the manufacturer of electrical engineering p

    Palazunli (Palazzoli) is electric it is the whole world that comes from Italy famous and electric receive manufacturer of plug-in unit product. The company held water at Brescia of upper industry city 1904, those who pass 100 years is arduo...

    /Enterprise-Products/200812/25-271.html 類別: Enterprise Products 點擊: 45 日期: 2008-12-24
    Du Naping is attended \\\\\\" trade of classics of Chinese ━ India, investment and co

    A few days ago, trade of classics of India of “ China ━ , investment and cooperative peak are met ” is held in Beijing. Far east accuses Du Naping of general manager of limited company of cable of new far east of a group...

    /Enterprise-Products/200812/25-268.html 類別: Enterprise Products 點擊: 46 日期: 2008-12-24
    China north labour accuses damping hard disk to wear obtain practical and new-st

    Recently, china north labour accuses damping hard disk to wear the practical and new-style patent letter that obtains total bureau of national intellectual property to issue. China north labour accuses to regard home as research and devel...

    /Enterprise-Products/200812/25-263.html 類別: Enterprise Products 點擊: 42 日期: 2008-12-24
    Use and safeguard 10kV vacuum breaker

    1, how be used and safeguard 10kV vacuum breakerIt is at present in 10kV and network of distribution of grade of the following voltage, vacuum breaker already replaced oily open circuit stage by stage, changing without oil transformed a pro...

    /Technical-know-how/200812/25-253.html 類別: Technical know-how 點擊: 43 日期: 2008-12-24
    Transformer runs medium unusual appearance and breakdown processing

    [keyword] transformer is unusual breakdown[introductive] transformer has all in all place in be defeated by distribution system, photograph of as electric as other equipment is more inferior than its fault rate, but once malfunction,will br...

    /Solutions/200812/25-234.html 類別: Solutions 點擊: 45 日期: 2008-12-24
    Transducer uses medium problem and the way to deal with a situation

    One, harmonic problem and its countermeasureThe main circuit of transducer is mixed by rectification, inversion commonly 3 parts comprise filter wave, the input is rectification circuit partly, output is inversion circuit partly, they are w...

    /Solutions/200812/25-232.html 類別: Solutions 點擊: 44 日期: 2008-12-24
    High-pressured equipment touchs head connect and the overheat that the line plac

    The join of clip of the connect of the electric equipment of of all kinds high pressure in transformer substation, line and soft hard generatrix, receive place and switch-disconnector move, static touch first class, because produce the craf...

    /Solutions/200812/25-222.html 類別: Solutions 點擊: 52 日期: 2008-12-24
    Ark of net of annulus of SF6 complete insulation and bear switch - fuse

    Summary: Ark of switch of SF6 complete insulation has whole sealing, maintenance-free, measure small, function the characteristic of exceedingly good, on the safe side, get the welcome of the user. Annulus net ark develops by unit of first...

    /Solutions/200812/25-218.html 類別: Solutions 點擊: 48 日期: 2008-12-24
    Electrician of electric power of 2008 Vietnam international and illume science a

    Vietnam power market is wraparound: Vietnam has substantial water resources, the whole nation shares size river to shed many 2860, water can resource reserves is 300 billion kilowatt hour, year potential electricenergy production 81 billio...

    /Show-Information/200812/25-200.html 類別: Show Information 點擊: 44 日期: 2008-12-24
    Electrician of electric power of the 8th 2008 international and electric automat

    Electrician of electric power of the 8th 2008 international and electric automation (without stannum) exhibition Time: 28 years in April 17-19 day Place: Ji of thoroughfare of of discharge Ga goes quite Support an unit: Jiangsu saves e...

    /Show-Information/200812/25-196.html 類別: Show Information 點擊: 44 日期: 2008-12-24
    Electric power of Fair of new and high technology exhibits Chongqing

    Chongqing of the 8th China is new and high technical Fair and the army and the people of the 4th China International are amphibious technical exposition 2008 China (Chongqing) exhibition of technology of international power equipment Time:...

    /Show-Information/200812/25-190.html 類別: Show Information 點擊: 52 日期: 2008-12-24
    2008 (the 9th) southwest automation and exhibition of instrument appearance inte

    Hair toward: Hair from: Addressee: Send a person: Fax: Phone: 2008 (the 9th) southwest automation and exhibition of instrument appearance international In April 2008 24 ~ new international exhibition center of city of century of Che...

    /Show-Information/200812/25-188.html 類別: Show Information 點擊: 43 日期: 2008-12-24
    Equipment of tool of cable of power of the 8th international and electric automa

    Invitation letterTime: &mdash;27 day ground nodded on March 25, 2008: Jinan Shun agrarian international exhibition center (agrarian region of Jinan city Shun 28)Sponsor an unit:   of government of Jinan city peopleUndertake unit: China Int...

    /Show-Information/200812/25-187.html 類別: Show Information 點擊: 42 日期: 2008-12-24
    Beijing Olympic Games opens gong to grind Hua Gongxiang a grand occasion

    International sport grand occasion - 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, already was in begin formally. Global industry computer (IPC) with automation equipment lead firm grinds China solution of the product that the company offers, application...

    /Industrial-News/200812/25-181.html 類別: Industrial News 點擊: 44 日期: 2008-12-24
    \\\\\\"Forum of height of application of PAC of the 3rd China \\\\\\" Shenzhen stands a case

    On July 30, 2008, compatriots is full of during expecting ground reciprocal Olympic Games kicks off, \\\\\\"Forum of height of application of PAC of the 3rd China \\\\\\" the first station rings down the curtain satisfactorily in Shenzhen. This...

    /Industrial-News/200812/25-180.html 類別: Industrial News 點擊: 48 日期: 2008-12-24
    Push forward of cable of 10 thousand horses mounds domain of peaceful wind repor

    In May, from Zhejiang joint-stock company of cable of 10 thousand horses transmits news of victory, the company is in mound the with one action in invite public bidding of project of cable of Ning Hande wind wins the bid, nearly 6 milli...

    /Power-News/200812/25-172.html 類別: Power News 點擊: 41 日期: 2008-12-24
    Management of middle-level of cable of 10 thousand horses grooms class begin lec

    The talent is the company is the the most important, most precious natural resources in numerous resource. Discover talent, training qualified personnel ceaselessly only, company ability gains the development momentum with constant in...

    /Power-News/200812/25-167.html 類別: Power News 點擊: 40 日期: 2008-12-24
    Cable of 10 thousand horses: Participate in GB formulate to aid promote business

    On March 19, 2008 ~ 21 days, committee of technology of standardization of countrywide wire cable annual meeting was held smoothly in Shanghai 2007. The conference examined 12 states level, include among them times those who get the...

    /Power-News/200812/25-166.html 類別: Power News 點擊: 41 日期: 2008-12-24
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