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    China north labour accuses damping hard disk to wear obtain practical and new-st

    Recently, china north labour accuses damping hard disk to wear the practical and new-style patent letter that obtains total bureau of national intellectual property to issue. China north labour accuses to regard home as research and devel...

    /Enterprise-Products/200812/25-263.html 類別: Enterprise Products 點擊: 42 日期: 2008-12-24
    Jiang Xipei is hired especially save vice-chairman of Xu Beihong seminar for Jia

    On January 8, shao Xiaofeng comes to secretary-general of seminar of grand of Bei of Hong Wei of vice director of research center of painting and calligraphy of couplet of article of province of Fan Baowen of chairman of seminar of gr...

    /Enterprise-Products/200812/25-259.html 類別: Enterprise Products 點擊: 41 日期: 2008-12-24
    Box of Europe type, beautiful type, horizontal goes quite

    Europe type box goesEurope type box goes in our country research and development earlier, began Beijing, Tianjin, northeast and other places factory of ark of a few transformer, tall low-pressure switch, academy, place from 1985 \\" combined-...

    /Technical-know-how/200812/25-240.html 類別: Technical know-how 點擊: 42 日期: 2008-12-24
    The machinery when resistance welding is harmed

    1. Accident courseA worker guides workshop of some factory tool apprentice uses pair of welder to solder cutting tool. The master blocks weldment in jacket of past electrode pincers, search when the position, oral direct apprentice raises m...

    /Accident-File/200812/25-204.html 類別: Accident File 點擊: 27 日期: 2008-12-24
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